Tribe Archipelago, a division of Red Leaf Studios Inc. (Tribe Redleaf) and in partnership with LooksLikeFilm, is a growing community of photographers who make the best of their presets and post-production tools available to one another. The site is completely dedicated to the work of fellow photographers and was put together to support you in your own creative work. Why? Because we know that when we collectively refine the beauty and power of our craft, we all benefit.

In providing a platform of communication among photographers, Tribe Archipelago is the water than flows among the islands. But it’s also the islands themselves. Each of the artists contributing to the site knows both the ebb and flow of inspiration and the steady stream of daily practice that leads us slowly but surely towards mastery. Each understands that technical confusion and cumbersome post-production shouldn’t stand between you and your finest images. And each is energized and refreshed by making their most brilliant tools available to their fellow photographers – to you.

The work flowing through Tribe Archipelago keeps all of us evolving and exploring. It illuminates the inspiration and technical support we have in each other, and it reminds us that, as independent artists, we belong to something so much bigger than ourselves. We belong to the tribe.