I'm Björn, a (wedding) photographer based in the seaport city Hamburg in Germany. My journey with photography started when a friend handed me his old Canon 450D for a trip to London. By that time I worked as a graphics guy in advertising, but already lost my passion for graphics due to this job. A burnout syndrome helped me, leading me into a full time approach as a photographer. As I grew up in the punk and hardcore punk scene I started shooting shows, documenting the energy exploding when people connect and their lungs scream out their anger or their positive will to make the world a better place. 

If it wasn't for this music I wouldn't be the person I am today. I'm an outspoken antifascist, feminist, vegan punk guy, close to his 40s. Besides that I love cycling, most of the time on one of my fixed gear/track bikes. I love a lot of things, to name a few: Anton Corbijn, Joy Division, my melancholic side, tattoos, AFI, animals, The Cure, my friends. 

All of this doesn't sound like the typical person you think of when thinking of a wedding photographer? Good, me neither. How I ended up shooting weddings? It happened and these days, with the clients we get, I love it.