A broken chain of emerald, wind-swept islands scattered along the edge of the north Pacific. A far-flung constellation of lands laced together by endless waves and tides. An assemblage of shores whose collective identity transcends the singular essence of each. This is our archipelago, our tribe. 



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About Azores

Mother Nature has created a world full of natural beauty but in the blue immensity of the Atlantic Ocean she created breathtaking Islands- the Azores. Nine small worlds where mysterious lakes are hidden inside the craters of volcanoes.

Each island is a unique paradise where you can feel the power of the Earth emerging from the geysers, hot thermal waters and waterfalls. The Azores are a natural habitat to many species of birds, both from Europe and America, but above all, this is a stop for whales and dolphins traveling from south to north. 

Nine small worlds, ready to be explored, full of similarities and differences, where dishes are cooked in sealed pots sunk in the ground at thermal springs, where wine is produced from local vines covering the hills and where you can encounter hospitable and charming local people. 

"Love is an adventure… Adventure is to be lost… Lost is to be found…"

Twyla and Gary is an adventurous couple who found love while getting lost in the heart of Azores Archipelago...