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They said it was one of the luckiest days in history, and it sure shaped my life to this day...

It was 9/9/1999, I was a second year university student when I started working in a small local newspaper as a photographer, and turned my hobby into a profession. A couple of years later I was invited to join the staff at the best selling lifestyle magazine in the region, a dream come true for me – my job was to travel all around the world and photograph incredible people. 

Somewhere along the way I stared photographing weddings for my friends and saw how happy my work made them. Creating non-traditional images of a wedding day was at the same time also surprisingly fulfilling for me. 

In 2012 my soul mate Ziva and me became parents of a boy named Jan, and he totally shook my world and showed me real joy in life, which also had a big influence on my decision to quit my daily job at the magazine and fully devote myself to weddings. 

Today I can sincerely tell you that I love my job. I put my heart and soul into telling simple and honest stories of people in love all around the world. My aim is to shoot in an emotional, creative and very natural way.