My name is Ryan Longnecker, I’m a commercial landscape and travel photographer, writer, and theologian living in Los Angeles, CA.

I have a wife and two daughters and they are rad. I am a writer for SLRLounge and Ambassador for Adobe.

I grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains (google it) and from an early age developed a love for being outdoors, thousands of feet up, in the early morning mist while the lakes are still sleeping. I think that every form of art has a power to connect us on a very primal level and remind us how beautiful the world is. I love how, when done well, photography is an invitation into both the beautiful planet where we live and unseen horizons of creativity in how uniquely we all see it. As photographers, I believe we ought to lead the way in imagining what the world could be if we just saw it as a place of beauty rather than cynically. I love a good gin n tonic, pour over coffee, and conversation…

I hate writing bios. The end.